How Web/Mobile trader’s room upgrades your brokerage providity

Web based forex solutions for brokerages are garnering rapid slack these days and it is easy to see why. They offer utmost convenience for your client’s trading activities and make their processes smooth. Although it must be noted that not all Metatrader 4 web trading platforms or MT5 web platforms offer a proper holistic package to cater to all the necessities that your client may have. Keeping this in mind, we at incorporated a dedicated trader’s room suite to act as a one stop shop to effectively look after both your clients’ requirements as well as smoothen the administrative process from your end. We’ll explain to you the intricate features of it in more detail here and how it can help your brokerage business.

How Web/Mobile trader’s room upgrades your brokerage providity 

1. Thorough Assistance for your Clients

When you are offering a Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 Web Terminal suite to your clients, you need to really prioritise on making their job as easy as possible. Our Trader’s room offers full support to your clients right from the sign up process to conducting transactions and to everything in between. They can open their accounts on the same suite be it an actual trading account or a demo account. Deposits and withdrawals both can be taken care of  here itself. In case they have multiple accounts, they can also conduct fund transfers between them easily. Any account information or passwords that need to be changed can be done using the trader’s room. Lastly, they can get in touch with our support staff from the module as well to quickly eliminate their issues.

2. Do-it-all Admin Module

Now that you have given your clients the best possible experience, you now need to optimise your work flow and our trader’s room takes care of that as well thoroughly. From your end, your staff will be able to easily and quickly register a new user thanks to our smart automated process. You can effectively monitor and filter your customer’s details, data and monitor the overall cash flow taking place in individual accounts. Verification of customer data is also a breeze allowing you to quickly activate accounts and deactivate them well whenever necessary. To top it all off, you can get really useful statistics on your actual and prospective customers which can then be used to optimise your marketing efforts in the most appropriate manner 

3. Pre-Integrated With All Necessary Platforms

When we say we offer a holistic solution, we truly mean it. Our trader’s room comes fully integrated with all the necessary trading platforms out there. It comes packed with an MT4 and MT5 web platform support which are familiarised by pretty much the entire trading community all over the world. A dedicated CRM suite is in place to keep track of all your customer data and effectively re-use them for marketing. The CRM features can be picked individually to suit your business requirements and budget. A robust payment platform is also in place to make transactions pertaining to deposits and investments a walk in the park. 

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